Sunday, October 14, 2007

user generated mobile apps

It has been more than 6 months since I got chance to update you about exciting things happening at AppVoyage. Interest and demand for mobile applications is phenomenal. We signed-up marquee beta customers, partners and won awards.

Our vision is to provide eco-system to create, share light-weight, and location aware mobile applications from existing web content using browser based tools and on-line runtime.

AppVoyage generated URL to mobile friendly application automatically appears in AppVoyage's mobile user account, as shown in the picture above. Mobile user can also subscribe to existing mobile applications contributed by the community.

Our solution supports multi-page, stateful, and secure web applications like shopping cart, CRM, ERP etc. We have recently published our solution for mobile SugarCRM in the sugar exchange, which can be accessed from the URL below:

Please check here often for new exciting mobile apps, I will try to blog more often :)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

We are expanding...

Looking for VP/Sr Director of business development.

AppVoyage is a dynamic startup with innovative and patent pending technology to change the way mobile applications consumed and delivered. Having beta tested our technology at leading institutes looking to expand our team to meet the demand for business development opportunities.

An individual with 5-7+ years of documented, successful business development experience in the networking industry with a good understanding of mobile applications or prior experience in application networking and security products will be the most viable candidate and should apply.

The ideal candidate will possess the following education and experience: Demonstrated track record in successfully closing large deals; Knowledge of Intellectual Property; Market analysis and sales; Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Business or Engineering; MBA or JD preferred; Excellent Communication, Interpersonal and Teamwork skills.

If you are looking for a fast paced startup with passion to lead and innovate, please contact

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mobile Applications Beyond Email ...

It is not the first time you heard "real work happens in the field". First generation mobile applications are custom clients J2ME, BREW or Symbian application connected to back-end server through an adaptor. Obviously this architecture requires mobile clients that need to be ported to variety of handset flavors that are available in the market at any given time and need to develop adaptors in the back-end.

The so called inflection point in mobile applications is not really mysterious; this has been happening in the desktop world in the form of web applications for the last 10 years. Enterprise or consumer applications like your online bank, travel planning (Expedia etc.) are all web applications with or without AJAX. Unfortunately web access from Blackberry devices, smart phones, treo or ip-phones today is unusable and frustration is under statement.

Main problem with the current web is the assumption that one-size fits all. Web applications are complex whether it is CRM, service management, ERP, or SCM, has countless columns, tabs etc. which is perfectly fine for desktop use. But this approach doesn’t work for mobile devices; mobile browser tries to render the full web application in a small-screen. Even in a transcoded version it is difficult to find the required information, it takes too long to download, and unwanted richer content drains the battery fast. In the consumer applications, perhaps your initial mobile screen is filled with a banner ad than what you are looking for.

We think, mobile web should be personalized instead of one-size fits all approach. Mobile web should be "what you need is what you get™" since WYSIWYG paradigm doesn't fit for mobile screen. In this new approach, Blackberry or any smart phone connects to a personalization proxy through the proxy setting interface on that device. During the desktop usage or setup time, policies and preferences (web application parameters) would be recorded automatically, and proxy delivers the right content when a mobile device connects to this web application. In the new approach an enterprise user would access a work order/schedule when he connects to complex service management application or a consumer can setup to display only the form to search for his hotel/car reservation without irrelavant content when he connects to for example. This methodology can be applied to any web application whether it is consumer or enterprise. For further information, visit

Our vision is mobile web application should be personalized and location aware, what do you think ?